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Slip-on Aluminum Pool Accessory Hooks (Pair)

MIDE Fence Hooks Combo Pack on Whaite Vinyl Fence

Slip-on Aluminum Pool Accessory Hooks (Combo Pack)

Slip-on Aluminum Flower Box Holders

Slip-on Aluminum Flower Box Holders (Pair)

Slip-On Fence Hanger System

Founded by a brother-sister team in 2008, MIDE Products has gone from offering a single product to producing six entire lines of slip-on fence hanger systems in hundreds of variations. The first of its kind on the market, MIDE’s line of over-the-fence hangers offers homeowners a practical and presentable solution for storing their outdoor equipment and accessories.

Our product lines are each designed to accommodate a different outdoor storage challenge and are available in dozens of variant designs to accommodate your home’s unique needs. The six product lines we currently offer include pool accessory hooks, flower box holders, plant and rack shelves, toy storage nets, and screw-on equipment hangers for wooden fences. For more information about our slip-on fence hanger systems, or for help in selecting a model that meets your needs, contact our team at (574) 326-3060.

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