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What material are the hooks made of ?

Aluminum, with a baked on powder coat finish.  This will ensure that they do not rust, that the color lasts and are easily cleaned.

Depending on the product, the width and thickness of the aluminum varies to make sure the strength and durability are there depending on the application.

How do I make sure I order the correct size to fit my fence ?

Make sure to measure the thickness of you fence!!

Check out the "Measuring Guide" below or on the Documents page

Measuring Guide 2019

MIDE Hooks and Hangers mesuring guide

Are your products sold in any stores ?

Yes they are. 

We have lots of pool stores in the Northeast & in Florida that carry our products.  Also, you should be able to order our products at your local Ace Hardware.

We will have a "Store Locator" up and running soon.  For now you can call us for help, 574-326-3060.

What is your return policy if I bought hooks at a local store ?

If you need to return any MIDE Fence Hooks, return them to the place that they were purchased. 

Whether it was at a brick & mortar store or online - please contact them to help with the return.  Their return policies will vary so it is best to deal directly with them.

If it is a Warranty issue or you made the purchase from us, we would be happy help.  See the "How do I contact Customer Service" section below.


What is the return policy if I bought items directly from MIDE Products ?

If a products needs returned because of a Warranty issue, see the "What is the warranty?" section below.

For other returns:

  • MIDE Products must be contacted prior to any return (see Contact Us Page)
  • Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase
  • Products must be returned in re-salable condition, in original packaging if possible.
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping costs
  • Once received, inspected and approved, credit will be issued for the purchase price (less shipping) within 30 days of receipt.
  • If product is not an approved return (damaged, bend, etc.), customer will be notified and possible solutions will be discussed.
What is the warranty ?

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

  • Lifetime Warranty against the development of a substantial amount for rust.  Enough rust to impair the appearance and/or the usefulness of the product.  Once verified, identical or equivalent replacement product will be sent at no charge.
  • Limited Warranty:  More Coming Soon !

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How do I contact Customer Service and what are the hours ?

Normal business hours are 9am - 4 pm Eastern.

Phone: (574) 3626-3060

Email: cs@mideproducts.com

Or complete the Contact form on the Contact Us page